Mallory-Heidenhain Azan-Gomori's Modification, Islet Cells

  • 7-10 days

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Product Overview
  • For the staining of alpha, beta and D-cells of the islets of langerhans.

    Stain results

    (Bouin's Fixation)

    Human Tissue Guinea Pig
    Alpha granules: Red, bright Orange - Tan
    Beta granules: Orange-Brown, dull Red, fiery
    D-cell granules: Dark Blue Deep Blue


    • Clark, G, (ed): Staining Procedures 3rd Ed.; Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins Co., c. 1973, p. 171
    • Gomori, G.: "Studies on the cells of the Pancreatic islets." Anat. Rec. 74:439 (1939)
Pack size
  • 1 unit

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