EUKITT Neo Xylene Free Mounting Medium

  • 7-10 days

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Product Overview
  • The high-quality classic of mounting media now xylene free.

    EUKITT® Neo is xylene-free and characterized by fast curing, crystal-clear optics, low fluorescence, favorable refractive index, good fluidity and low shrinkage. The preparations are stable without cracking and discoloration. EUKITT® Neo is colorless and does not change shape, structure orcolor of the material to be examined. The unique formulation of this version of EUKITT® uses self sustaining raws that have no solvent base at all.

    The pleasant odor facilitates working in the laboratory.

  • Refractive index n[20°C] 1.48
    Viscosity 250-450 mPa*s
    Drying time 20 minutes
    No yellowing after long storage
    No brittle fracture
    No self-fluorescence under UV light
Pack size
  • 1 unit
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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