Packaging Testing

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    CLASSIC 920 Lasting Adhesive Tester
    CLASSIC 920 can be used to measure the shear adhesion of pressure sensitive tapes, medical patches, pressure sensitive labels and protective films, etc
    CZY-GY Primary Adhesive Tester (ChP)
    CZY-GY Primary Adhesive Tester (ChP) is designed according to adhesion test method of Chinese Pharmacopoeia and applicable to tack test of medical plasters and medical patches, etc.
    YGJ-02 Adhesive Tape Roller
    YGJ-02 is applicable to the ink fastness test of plastic films and glass paper decorating printed materials that utilize the intaglio printing technique. It also could be used to test adhesion condition of surface layers formed by the technique of vacuum coating, surface coating and lamination.
    CZY-G Primary Adhesive Tester
    CZY-G is based on the balling method, and the primary adhesive property of adhesive tapes could be obtained by observing adhesive effect occurred immediately after rolling ball and adhesive specimen come into contact.
    CZY-6S Lasting Adhesive Tester
    CZY-6S can be used to measure the durable adhesion of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, adhesive bandages (plasters), adhesive labels, and protective films, etc
    FPT-F1 Friction/Peel Tester
    FPT-F1 Friction/Peel Tester can be used to measure coefficient of static and kinetic friction of plastic films, sheets, foils, paper, cardboard, PP woven bags, fabric( fabiric style test), metal-plastic composite strip/belt for communication cable, convey belt and textiles, as well as peel strength test of adhesive laminated products, medical adhesive bandage, release paper, protection films, etc.
    NLW-20 Adhesive Tensile & Shear Tester
    NLW-20 Adhesive Tensile & Shear Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of tensile, shearing, and pulling properties of various adhesives.
7 Item(s)

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