Packaging Testing

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    BLJ-02 Disk Stripping Tester
    BLJ-02 is designed for the determination of ink fastness of plastic films and glass paper decorating printed materials that utilize the intaglio printing technique. It also could be used to test adhesion condition of surface layers formed by the technique of vacuum coating, surface coating and lamination.
    C640 Thickness Tester
    C640 Thickness Tester is a high precision mechanical contact method thickness tester, which can be used for thickness measurement of films, sheeting, paper, corrugated paperboard, textiles, non-woven fabrics, and solid insulation materials, etc. Auto sampler is optional, which is designed for multiple successive points thickness measurement.
    TQD-G1 Air Permeability Tester
    TQD-G1 Air permeability tester is professionally designed for the determination of air permeability of decorating materials used in cars, e.g. polyurethane, expanded plastics, PVC, leather, textiles, nonwovens and other materials. Through the test, physical characteristics of materials could be controlled to meet practical application requirements.
    VAC-V1 Gas Permeability Tester
    VAC-V1 is applicable to the determination of gas permeability rate, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient at various temperature of plastic films, laminated films, sheeting, foils and finished packages, etc.
    i-Thermotek 2720 Thermal Shrinkage Tester
    i-Thermotek 2720 Thermal Shrinkage Tester is designed according to ISO 14616, which can be used to measure the shrinking force, contracting force and shrinkage ratio of plastic films precisely and quantitatively.
    G2/130 Container Gas Permeability Tester
    G2/130 is based on differential pressure method, and can be used to measure gas transmission rate of flexible containers, including various bottles of carbonated drinks, juice, tea and packages of edible oil, dairy products, washing supplies and metal containers.
    MXD-01A Coefficient of Friction Tester
    MXD-01A Coefficient of Friction Tester is designed for static and kinetic coefficient of friction tests of plastic films, sheets, rubber, paper, PP woven bags, fabric style, metal-plastic composite strips/belts for communication cable, conveyor belts, wood, coatings, brake pads, windshield wipers, shoe materials, and tires and etc. With the material smoothness testing, users can control and adjust material quality technical indexes to meet application demands.
    SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tearing Tester
    SLY-S1 is based on Elmendorf method to measure tearing strength of plastic films, textile, woven and non-woven materials. Labthink tear tester is a user-friend instrument and test range is from 200gf to 6400gf with suitable pendulum.
    HST-H6 Heat Seal Tester
    HST-H6 Heat Seal Tester can be used to seal specimen for further determination of seal parameters of basic films, laminated films, coating paper and other heat sealing laminated films according to the requirement of related standards.
    XLW (M) Auto Tensile Tester
    XLW (M) Auto Tensile Tester is designed for the test of physical mechanical properties of plastic films, laminated materials, flexible packaging materials, plastic flexible tube, adhesives, adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, and adhesive bandage(plaster) etc.
    W3/031 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester
    W3/031 is professionally applicable to the water vapor transmission rate test of film specimens. It is equipped with three individual test dishes and the testing process is completely automatic and conforms to international standards.
    BLD-200N Auto Stripping Tester
    BLD-200N Auto Stripping Tester can be used for peeling, stripping and other performance tests of adhesives, adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, medical adhesive bandage, protective films, release paper, laminated films, leatheroid, woven bags, films and paper.
Items 1 to 12 of 77 total

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