SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tearing Tester

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Short Description
  • SLY-S1 is based on Elmendorf method to measure tearing strength of plastic films, textile, woven and non-woven materials. Labthink tear tester is a user-friend instrument and test range is from 200gf to 6400gf with suitable pendulum.

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Product Overview
  • SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tearing Tester is designed for the tearing test of films, sheets, flexible PVC, PVDC, waterproof films, woven materials, polypropylene, polyester, paper, cardboard, textiles and nonwovens.


    • SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tear Tester is controlled by computer with automatic and electronic measurement which is convenient for the operation
    • Pneumatic specimen clamping and automatic release of pendulum could avoid the system error effectively
    • Computer assisted horizontal adjustment system could maintain the instrument optimum status
    • Equipped with pendulums of multiple capacities
    • Professional software supports multi-unit data output
    • Equipped with RS232 port which is convenient to the data transmission and external connection
    • Supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for uniform and systematic data management


    Lift the pendulum up to a certain height to give it an initial potential energy. The pendulum tears the specimen while swinging down. Computer calculates the decreased energy caused by tearing to obtain the required force for tearing.

  • SpecificationsSLY-S1 Elmendorf Tear Tester
    Pendulum Capacity200 gf, 400 gf, 800 gf, 1600 gf, 3200 gf, 6400 gf
    Gas Supply Pressure0.6 MPa (outside of supply scope)
    Port of Gas SupplyΦ4 mm PU Tubing
    Instrument Dimension480 mm (L) x 380 mm (W) x 560 mm (H)
    Power Supply220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz
    Net Weight23.5 kg (Basic Pendulum of 200 gf)
  • ASTM D1424
  • ASTM D1922
  • ASTM D689
  • ISO 1974
  • ISO 6383-1-1983
  • ISO 6383-2-1983

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