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Product Overview
  • The X-Checker was the first and remains the only complete calibration aid for SEM/EDS Systems. When time is short but you want to know how well your system is performing you need the X-Checker. Each X-Checker comes with the following:

    • Manganese to measure full width at half max detector resolution
    • Aluminum and copper to perform spectral calibration.
    • Carbon to monitor calibration at the low end of the spectra for thin window detectors.

    You also get two grid sizes for checking the accuracy of your image analysis software and an easy test for monitoring the amount of vacuum pump oil contamination on your detector window.

    • The X-Checker BN comes with boron nitride for those who need a more sensitive monitor of low end performance on thin window and windowless detectors.
    • The X-Checker Extra is the ultimate performance monitor for the latest state of the art X-ray detectors. In addition to the standard features and boron nitride, there is a fluorine source to test resolution at the fluorine K-alpha peak (industry standard for measuring low end resolution). As well it comes with a beryllium grid for the ultimate test of detector performance.
Pack size
  • 1 unit

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