Conductive Carbon Paint 502 30 g

  • 7-10 days

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Product Overview
  • A High Temperature Conductive Paint

    Conductive adhesive 502 is a combination of specially processed carbon particles in a fluoroelastomer resin system designed to provide high resistance values. In its cured form, it exhibits both high and low temperature flexibility and moisture resistance.


    • Withstands ambient temperatures of over 500°F (260°C)
    • Remains flexible over temperature range of –40°F to over 500°F (260°C)
    • Cures at room temperature
    • Good adhesion to a variety of substrate
    • Excellent oxidation resistance
    • Ready to use - easy to apply
  • Typical Properties (as supplied)

    Pigment Specially processed carbon
    Binder Fluoroelastomer
    Diluent MethylEethylKketone (MEK)
    Color Black
    Consistency Fluid
    Density 7.2lbs/gal (0.87 kg/l)
    Solid content by weight 13%
    Viscosity 600 ± 200 mPas (Brookfield RVT @ 20rpm)
    Flask point 23°F (-°5C)

    Shelf life for this product is one year under original seal. Store in cool place.

    Typical Properties (as cured)

    Color Black
    Max service temperature 525°F (275°C)
    Sheet resistance 130 ± 100 ohms/ mil dry film


    Air drying of the product is adequate for most applications. To assure complete solvent loss, the coating can be baked for 15 minutes at 302°F (150°C)

Pack size
  • 30 g
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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